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About Special Edition Events

Established in 1991, the organizing company, Special Edition Press, Inc., is a company based in New York City, whose business interests include publishing, advertising, creative services and special events promotions.

The company offers graphic design services, creative services (copy writing, ad lay-outs, storyboards, slide presentation artworks), printing services (pre-press, color separations and printing), and production of journals, brochures, posters, packaging designs, calendars and other collateral materials. In addition, Special Edition Press, Inc. has successfully ventured into concert presentations and promotions of events blending the elements of cultural festival and international trade show.

The company aims to be the provider of an avenue for the mainstream business to connect with the Filipino American market, and the Filipino businesses to the mainstream market in the United States, by publishing a thematic reading material that carries relevant editorial pieces to Filipinos, by providing creative and management services to help businesses sustain the creative skills and tools required to keep up to the changes of time -- technology, innovations, etc., and by staging trade shows, cultural festivals and concerts. In line with this objective, the company focuses on the best interest of customers, exhibitors, advertisers and sponsors while showcasing the rich Filipino culture and heritage.